Facility Maintenance

The Facility Maintenance Division supports the operations of over 80 City of Edina facilities. The division provides service support for the operation, maintenance, repair and custodial services of City owned facilities. This support is accomplished either by trained City staff or outside vendors of building related services. The Electrical/ HVAC Division is within the Facility Maintenance Division. The division support includes City Hall, Public Works building, two Fire stations, City parking ramps, City Utility buildings and several Parks & Recreation facilities.

The division is also responsible for the Cellular Antenna contracts within the City of Edina on City owned property. In addition the division provides project management on projects, budgeting oversight and CIP planning assistance. The division leads city wide efforts for energy efficiencies, and supports sustainability services, and asset management support.

Maintain / Repair

• Plumbing
• Electrical
• Carpentry
• Parking Lots
• Sidewalk
• Roofing
• Painting
• Office furniture
• Carpet/floor care