Michael Zamyslowski

September 2016 - Statisticians calculate that the odds of a talented amateur golfer hitting a hole-in-one are no greater than 12,500 to 1. Even when it is a professional golfer taking the swing on a regulation course, the odds are a paltry 2,500 to 1. On Sunday, September 11, Edina resident and Braemar Golf Course regular Michael Zamyslowski beat those long odds not just once, but twice.

Incredibly, he followed a 113-yard hole-in-one on Hole 12 with an even more impressive 160-yarder on Hole 17 later that same morning. "I can't really explain how or why lightning struck twice," Zamyslowski said.
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Undoubtedly, familiarity with the course played some small part. Zamyslowski is a 33-year veteran of the Braemar Men's Club and a proud member of the Braemar Sandbaggers. During the summer, he oftentimes plays the course three times each week.
Even so, scoring two perfect shots in the same game is an exceedingly rare feat that the National Hole-in-One Registry pegs as no more likely than 67 million to 1.

"I'm especially surprised I played so well on that Sunday of all days," Zamyslowski explained. "My group, the Sandbaggers, holds a two-day tournament every year. We'd just finished the second day, and I hadn't played that well over either."

Moreover, "I generally don't ever play three days in a row... yet it was the very next day during my regular morning tee time with friends that I had this string of luck."

Zamyslowski hit his first hole-in-one into the wind with his 8-iron. He was glad to have long-time friends John Mara and Tom Goblirsch there to witness, lest he think he imagined it. As anyone would likely do in that situation, they shook hands and took a photo to commemorate the occasion.

In contrast, when he shot his second hole-in-one with a 5-wood on Hole 17, Zamyslowski's crew could not see much from the tee. "We saw the ball hit the green and roll nicely in the right direction," but it was not until they themselves trekked the 160-yard span in a power cart that they realized the ball had actually gone in.

"It was unreal ... just absolutely surreal," he said. "It was as if everything just stopped." Over his amateur golfing career, the 64-year-old has been eyewitness to three hole-in-ones - two of his own at Braemar, and another at Burl Oaks Golf Course. (That's three more than most players ever witness.)

Zamyslowski took another few candids at Hole 17, and after calling it a day, emailed the photographic evidence to two golfing friends who could not be there that day. Hopefully, they will be present the next time he has such a streak of luck.