2014-15 Work Plan

Every day, Edina's City Council and staff work together to bring Edina's mission and vision to life.

Edina's mission and vision are enacted through Work Plans developed by the City Council and staff. Select a PDF from the drop-down menu below to see our current Work Plans and past results.

Work Plans  


The City of Edina is known for excellent city services and sound fiscal management. In addition to the City’s core services, the Council has identified six themes for the 2014-15 biennial budget in support of the City’s mission and vision. Those themes are:


The City is committed to preserving and expanding infrastructure systems to maintain reliability and quality, and to meet the demands of expansion and redevelopment. This will be accomplished through a long-term financing plan that balances prudence and community expectations.

In addition, City leadership identified six themes related to internal city operations:

  • Financing
  • Preservation
  • Expansion

Commercial and Mixed-Use Redevelopment

Development and renewal of commercial and residential areas is essential to the on-going health of the city. The City will focus on the 50th & France and Grandview areas to create maximum positive impact. Tax increment financing and other tools will be used to provide incentives to develop in ways consistent with the City’s land use, transit, density and health goals.

  • 50th & France
  • Grandview
  • TIF
  • Transit/Land use/Density/Health



High quality service delivery requires skilled employees who are properly deployed. The City supports high performance staffing approaches and the recruitment and retention of well-qualified employees.  To support these efforts, the organization will provide competitive compensation and benefits packages.

  • Staffing and resource allocation
  • Recruitment & retention
  • Compensation and benefits

Communication and Engagement

To clearly understand community needs, expectations and opinions, the City will consistently seek the input of a broad range of stakeholders in meaningful and interactive communication. Efforts to engage the community will utilize multiple platforms, be informative, transparent, responsive, and will involve volunteers and city commissions.

  • Coordinated
  • Multi-platform
  • Strategic
  • Transparent
  • Two-way, interactive, inviting
  • Accessible
  • Comprehensive
  • Timely

Community Vision

A clear vision of a desired future will help focus our daily efforts and sustain a high quality of life. A vision for the community through the year 2040 that reflects the unique character, values and priorities of our citizens and stakeholders will be developed. Broad community participation will be central to our effort and critical to its ultimate success.

  • Future
  • Values
  • 2040 and beyond
  • Priorities

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