Wooddale/Valley View Small Area Plan

Review the draft Small Area Plan and leave your comments on Speak Up, Edina! Your participation is needed to make this small area plan a success.

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Why is a small area plan being pursued?
Small area plans provide guidance on land use, transportation, housing, environmental protection and park/natural spaces within a specific geographic area. Ultimately the goal of a small area plan is to improve the quality of life within the geographic area, while meeting greater goals outlined in the City’s Comprehensive Plan. Small area plans outline a community vision intended that is intended to be implemented over an extended period of time as opportunities arise. Small area plans do not guarantee that what, when or how redevelopment will occur.

How can I get involved?
Your input is very important to the small area planning process! All interested residents and business are encouraged to review information on the following community meetings.

Has a new development been proposed for the area?

No, the City hasn’t received any new proposed developments for the area. However, it is quite possible that the City will receive proposals in the next few years given the age of many of the buildings. As proposals come forward, a small area plan will help City staff, Planning Commissioners and City Council members make decisions about the future of the area that reflect the wishes of the residents, businesses and other stakeholders. Rumors about proposed Section 8 housing in the area are untrue. There are no proposals for Section 8 housing anywhere in Edina.  

What area will be covered by the small area plan?
The project covers commercial and high and medium density housing roughly one block in each direction from the commercial node at the intersection of Wooddale Avenue and Valley View Road in the northeast quadrant of Edina.

What is the timeline to complete the plan?
A kick-off meeting was held on June 18. About 75 residents and business owners from the area attended. The meeting included a PowerPoint Presentation and handout. Minutes from the brainstorming session can be found here.

The anticipated schedule for the small area plan is as follows:

  • Kickoff Meeting – June 18,  2014
  • Identify Planning Team and Consultant – July 2014
  • Develop work plan and prepare for engagement – August/September 2014
  • Public input meetings – October 2014
  • Develop and review draft plan – November/December 2014
  • Public hearing with Planning Commission – 7 p.m. March 25, 2015 (rescheduled)
  • Public Hearing with City Council – 7 p.m. April 21, 2015 (rescheduled)

How will this impact property owners or businesses?
Small area plans address future development. Current property owners or businesses will not be forced to change their property or business as a result of the plan. Future land use changes will need to comply with any new land use regulations developed as a result of the plan.

What is the role of the small area planning team?
Members of the planning team work with staff and consultants to facilitate the community engagement process and prepare a draft small area plan for review and approval by the Planning Commission and City Council. Members of the Planning Team are listed on sidebar to the right.

How can I keep informed about the project?
The best way to keep up to date on the project is to sign up for Wooddale Avenue and Valley View Road Small Area Plan email list through City Extra.

City Contacts

Karen Kurt, Assistant City Manager

Cary Teague, Community Development Director

Lindy Crawford, City Management Fellow

Planning Commission & Planning Team Co-Chairs

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