Water Meter Replacements

Ferguson Waterworks has begun replacing water meters in Edina homes.

The City uses water meters to record the amount of water each property uses so that the owner can be billed properly for water use. During the mid-1990s, the City upgraded its water meters to a system that allows the meters to be read from a vehicle on a roadway. The batteries in the radios are now failing at a very high rate.  

The Public Works Department had planned to replace the batteries, but discovered that the bandwidth that the FCC has appropriated for the radios will not be available for public use after Jan. 1, 2013. Also, most of the current meters contain a very small amount of lead in the meter body. Beginning in 2014, any meter containing lead cannot be installed. Given these issues, the City Council approved a complete replacement of the City’s approximately 14,000 meters.

The meter-reading process currently takes about five business days to complete. Once the new meters are in place and functioning, the process should take just one day to complete.

An experienced meter installation contractor, Ferguson Waterworks was hired to install all residential meters. City staff will assist Ferguson with replacement of industrial and commercial meters. Water meters are located inside homes and buildings. In most cases, they are located in the basement along the front wall of the building.

Letters will be sent to property owners, asking them to schedule appointments the week that installers are in the area. Owners will be asked to schedule appointments spanning two-hour blocks of time. Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request. Please do not try to schedule an appointment until you receive a written notice.

To install the meter, the installer will need to gain entry to your home. The water meter area must be clear and accessible. The installers need at least three feet around the unit. An adult must be present at the time of installation. The installation should take about 20 minutes to complete.

All Ferguson Waterworks employees wear uniform shirts and travel in marked vehicles. They have been issued City ID cards. Before beginning work, the Edina Police Department completed background checks on the Ferguson employees working in Edina: Derek Devine, Nick Elfering and Jacob Sullivan.

There is no cost to the customer for this meter replacement, but you must have your water meter replaced to be in compliance.

The $3.6 million dollar project is expected to be complete by June of 2013.  

For more information, call the Public Works Department, 952-826-0376.

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