Upon accepting a volunteer role with the City of Edina [City], volunteers are asked to accept the terms outlined in this agreement.

From time to time volunteers may have access to non-public information. If volunteers whose job responsibilities require them to have access, they must:

  • - Not discuss, disclose or otherwise release the data
  • - Not leave data where non-authorized individuals might see it
  • - Not destroy or shred data unless specifically authorized by their supervisor

Volunteers must pay careful attention to and abide by the Cityís Data Practiceís Policy. If a volunteer has a question about data and it is public vs nonpublic status, check with the volunteer director supervisor.

I affirm I will read and follow the Cityís Data Practices guidelines outlined in the Volunteer Handbook.

The City of Edina strives to maintain a respectful workplace and public service environment that is free from violence, discrimination and other offensive behavior. Such behavior can create an offensive work environment, adversely affect positive working relationships and decrease productivity. Maintaining a respectful and safe work environment is a shared responsibility of management, employees and volunteers.

No City of Edina volunteer shall engage in verbal or physical conduct that is threatening, hostile or discriminatory toward an individual because of the personís race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, disability, age, membership on a local human rights commission, sexual orientation or any other legally protected class. Furthermore, this conduct is illegal if the conduct:

  • - Has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with the personís work performance; or
  • - Otherwise adversely affects that personís employment opportunities.

Violation of this policy could result in reassignment or termination from your volunteer assignment.

I affirm I will read and follow the Cityís Harassment Prevention and Respectful Workplace policy outlined in the Volunteer Handbook

The Cityís Volunteer Handbook provides volunteers with in depth information on guidelines and policies for volunteers serving the City. It is important for volunteers to read the book in its entirety.

I affirm I have received and will read the Volunteer Edina Volunteer Handbook.
By submitting this form, I affirm that I have watched the orientation video.

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