Hydrant Flushing

To purge rust and stagnant water from the water distribution system and identify hydrants in need of maintenance, the Utilities Division of the City of Edina's Public Works Department will flush hydrants for two weeks in September. Random hydrants are also flushed throughout the year as weather and water demand allows.

Hydrant-flushing with take place 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. In an attempt to minimize the impact on residents, hydrants will be flushed on the east side of Minnesota Highway 100 the week of Sept. 7 and on the west side of the highway the week of Sept. 14.

Due to the hydrant flushing, it is inevitable that some residents will receive rust-colored water that could stain laundry, but it is safe to drink. You should check for signs of discoloration prior to washing clothes. If the water is discolored when you turn on your tap, simply run the water until it is clear. Because the water system is a “single-pressure zone,” it is possible that red water problems will occur in any area of the City while flushing is occurring.

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