Transportation Comprehensive Plan

There is a fundamental link between transportation planning and land use planning.

Successful land use planning cannot take place without taking transportation considerations into account. Conversely, transportation planning is driven by the need to support existing and future land uses which the community supports and/or anticipates. Chapter 4 of the Comp Plan identifies existing and planned future land uses. The Transportation chapter was prepared with the goal of supporting the land use vision identified in chapter 4.

In 2003, the City formed the Edina Transportation Commission (ETC). It advises the City Council on transportation issues facing the City, including congestion, roadway improvement projects, and non-motorized transportation needs. It is made up of citizens appointed by the City Council. This chapter was prepared under the guidance of the ETC.

The three primary objectives of this chapter are:

  • To provide guidance document for City staff and elected officials regarding the planning and implementation of effective transportation facilities and systems over the planning horizon.
  • To give residents and businesses background on transportation issues and allow them to be better informed regarding the City’s decision-making on transportation issues.
  • To communicate to other government agencies Edina’s perspectives and intentions regarding transportation planning issues.

Download the following documents:

  1. Transportation Plan
  2. Bike Plan
  3. Travel Forecasting

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