Student Board and Commission Members

Many Edina Boards & Commissions include student members. Student Board and Commission members must be Edina residents and are generally high school juniors or seniors.

What makes a good Board or Commission student member?

There is no typical Board or Commission student member. A student’s interests, prior volunteer experience and familiarity with government can range. The Board and Commission Student Program is an opportunity for young residents to volunteer for their community while learning about local government. While there are no typical Board or Commission student member, there may be qualities of a student to ensure a successful experience in serving on a Board or Commission:


There will be many meetings and events for board and commission members to attend. Generally, a student can expect to spend 8-10 hours/month (some board or commissions may require more) on their board and commission service.

Motivation and Interest:

Board and Commission work can be hard work. Student members are asked to get involved and volunteer for tasks.

Speak Up and Share Ideas:

Students can bring a unique perspective to the discussion of the Board or Commission. Student members are encouraged to actively participate.

Be Prepared:

Boards and Commissions set agendas prior to the meeting. This allows members to be on top of the topics and meeting content.

What is the annual calendar?



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