Special Assessments Policy

The City of Edina has a special assessment policy for typical assessments that include local roadways, alleys, sound walls, water utility lines, sanitary sewer utility lines, sump pump removal, or redirection, garbage and debris removal, aquatic weeds, weed mowing, tree removals, and maintenance districts.


This policy includes:

  1.  Allocated Costs: The cost of curbs, gutters and other storm water management improvements for a Non-State Aid Residential Street Reconstruction Project will be paid from the City’s Storm Water Utility Fund.  The cost of replacing and repairing the publicly-owned portions of underground water and sanitary sewer utility lines will be paid from the City’s Utility Fund.
  2. Assessable Costs: 100% of the costs incurred for the reconstruction of A Non-State Aid Residential Street, excluding allocated costs, shall be assessed to the directly benefitting properties of the project, pursuant to a formula based on a Residential Equivalent Unit (REU).  Assessable costs include the following:  mobilization, direct construction costs, construction finance costs, City and contracted engineering costs, scientific and technical consulting costs, printing and mailing, legal and other project related costs.  Construction finance costs are the cost of funds used to finance the project construction until the adoption of the resolution imposing the special assessment.
  3. Unit of Assessment: The assessable unit for non-state aid residential street projects will be the residential equivalent unit (REU). An REU shall be one residential lot, regardless of lot size or amount of street frontage.  For publicly owned or undeveloped parcels with developable residential potential, the number of REU’s shall be computed based upon the maximum residential development potential of the parcel based upon the density allowed under the applicable zoning Code and Comprehensive Land Use Plan.
  4. Corner Lots: If a corner lot is subject to multiple street reconstruction assessments, the total assessable cost should be the equivalent to 1 residential equivalent unit.  The address of the lot shall determine if the corner lot is assessed at 1, 1/3, 2/3, or 0 REU’s for that project:
  • If the address of the lot is on the roadway being reconstructed and no previous roadway assessments have been levied for that lot, the REU shall be 1 REU. 
  •  If the address of the lot is on the roadway being constructed and a roadway assessment has been levied previously for that lot, the REU shall be 2/3 REU. 
  •  If the address of the lot is not on the roadway being constructed, but the side or rear yard is and no previous roadway assessment has been levied for that lot, the REU shall be 1/3 REU.
  •  If the address of the lot is not on the roadway being constructed, but the side or rear yard is and a roadway assessment has previously been levied for that lot of 1 REU, the REU shall be 0 REU.

5.   Multiple Assessments:  Lots subject to multiple assessments cannot be treated
      differently than lots subject to a single assessment.

  1. Repayment Periods:  Repayment period for special assessments levied by the City of Edina  vary depending on the purpose for which the assessment was levied:  Repayment periods and terms are as follows:

a. Maximum Repayment Periods:

i. Local roadway reconstruction - 15 years.
ii. Sound walls – 15 years.
iii.  Garbage and debris removal, aquatic weeds, weed mowing, and, and maintenance districts – 1 year.
iv. Tree removals - 1 year if under $500, 2 years if $500 to $1000, and 3 years if over $1000.
v. Underground utility line replacements – 15 years.
vi. Sump pump removal or redirection – 5 years

b. Assessment Interest Rate – The interest rate for a special assessment shall be 1% higher than the estimated “net interest” rate of the bonds to be issued for the project.  If a bond is not issued for a project then the interest rate shall be 1% higher than the true interest rate of the most recent bonds sold by the City prior to ordering the public improvement.  The interest rates for 6.a.iii., 6.a.iv., 6.a.v., and 6.a.vi. shall be 6.5%

c. The City will accept both partial pre-payments and full pre-payments on assessments before certifying the assessment to the County. For ease of administration, a minimum of 25% of the assessable cost must be applied for a partial payment.

d. The City shall inform all property owners receiving a special assessment of the City’s Senior Deferral Program.

e. Payments shall be amortized using a level annual payment schedule. 

  1. The new policy will not be retroactive to projects that have already been assessed.  Special assessment policy revisions approved on August 6, 2012 and August 21, 2012 shall become effective for projects with final assessments hearings after September 1, 2012.


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