GrandView Small Area Guide Process

Public Works Site Redevelopment

The City Council used a small area guide process to determine the future of the existing Public Works site at 5146 Eden Ave. Members of the Planning Commission led an intensive, six-week-long process that is typically part of a Small Area Plan.

The process was one founded in interaction with the community, led by representatives of the community, with design direction provided by volunteer planning and design professionals who live in Edina. At the end of the small area guide process, the group adopted seven guiding principles for recommendation to the City Council:

  1. Leverage publicly-owned parcels and civic presence to create a vibrant and connected district that serves as a catalyst for high quality, integrated public and private development.
  2. Enhance the District's economic viability as a neighborhood center with regional connections, recognizing that meeting the needs of both businesses and residents will make the district a good place to do business.
  3. Turn perceived barriers into opportunities. Consider layering development over supporting infrastructure and taking advantage of the natural topography of the area.
  4. Design for the present and the future by pursuing logical increments of change using key parcels as stepping stones to a more vibrant, walkable, functional, attractive, and life-filled place.
  5. Organize parking as an effective resource for the district by linking community parking to public and private destinations while also providing parking that is convenient for businesses and customers.
  6. Improve movement within and access to the district for people of all ages by facilitating multiple modes of transportation, and preserve future transit opportunities provided by the rail corridor.
  7. Create an identity and unique sense of place that incorporates natural spaces into a high quality and sustainable development reflecting Edina's innovative development heritage.  
Schedule Download the schedule for the small area guide process.
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May 18, 2010 Presentation Download a presentation made at the May 18 Work Session with the City Council.
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