Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Five Named To Liquor Task Force

Edina, Minn., Jan. 14, 2016 – Five members have been appointed to a task force to make recommendations to improve Edina’s municipal liquor operation, Edina Liquor.

David Burley, Ed Cracraft, Mike Lynch, Nick Pahl and Birdie Rand were selected for their vast and varying experience in hospitality, retail or marketing.

“Edina Liquor is still profitable. However, we want to get back to a higher level of profitability seen in recent years,” said City Manager Scott Neal. “With the task force, we’ll get a fresh perspective on operations and on what we can do differently to continue to make Edina Liquor succeed.”

Neal will ask the task force to study and resolve the following questions:

  • How can the City increase the profits of the its municipal liquor operations without compromising its commitment to restricting access to non-adults?
  • What operational practices can the City adopt to control its operating costs, while not diminishing its profitability and quality of the customer experience?
  • What operational practices can the City adopt to improve the overall retail experience to our consumers without decreasing profits or increasing net operating costs?
  • What marketing strategies can the City adopt that will increase sales and market share?
  • What management practices and structures can the City adopt that will better inform city management and elected officials of the municipal liquor system’s operating performance?

The task force will begin meeting in February and is anticipated to continue its work through July, when it will prepare a report with recommendations for staff. Neal will review the recommendations and share the report with the City Council in August.

Those who wish to express an idea or comment about the process can contact Assistant City Manager Lisa Schaefer at lschaefer@EdinaMN.gov. For more information, contact the Administration Department at 952-826-0364.

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