Friday, January 08, 2016

City of Edina To Sponsor Blood Drive

Edina, Minn., Jan. 5, 2016 – The City of Edina will sponsor a blood drive for Memorial Blood Centers early next month.

All who live or work in Edina are encouraged to donate blood anytime between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 3, at Edina City Hall, 4801 W. 50th St.

Donors must be at least 17 years old or 16 with a signed parental consent form, weigh at least 110 pounds, free of antibiotics for at least 24 hours unless taken daily for a skin condition, and symptom-free for at least three days following a cold or flu.

Police Sgt. Kevin Rofidal is looking forward to seeing everyone come together and donate. “It’s exciting because it gives us all an opportunity to participate in saving lives,” he said.

For more information about the blood drive or to sign up to donate, contact or visit You may also contact Terri Wilson at 952-826-0406 or to register.

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