Zoning Ordinance Amendments

The City of Edina is experiencing an unprecedented increase in the number of homes being torn down and rebuilt. In 2012, the City issued 98 building permits for homes torn down and rebuilt. This is up significantly from 2011 in which the total was 52. In 2010 there were 31; 2009, 14; 2008, 32; and 2007, 52. While this trend continues all over the City of Edina, Morningside has experienced a larger portion of the activity.

In 2006-2008, when the City was experiencing an increase in the number of tear down and rebuilds, the City Council, Planning Commission and staff attempted to address the issue. Here is a summary of what took place then. 

Current Issues
In addition to the tear down and rebuild of large home issue, other issues of concern include, grading, drainage, tree removal, building of large retaining walls and nuisances from construction projects (including when multiple projects occur on the same block). 

In response to the concern about inconveniences and nuisances that neighbors of construction projects have to live with, staff has implemented the requirement of a construction management plan for new home tear down and rebuild projects. The construction management plan is intended to hold builders accountable for their construction project, and attempt to minimize impacts on adjacent properties. An Ordinance has been adopted by the City Council to give staff the ability to monitor and enforce the construction management plan.

The Planning Commission is also currently working these issues. In late 2012, a subcommittee was appointed to review the issues. The subcommittee interviewed impacted residents, builders, and city staff.  In early 2013, the Planning Commission held public meetings, gathered input from residents, had a work session with the City Council, and used "Speak Up, Edina!" to solicit input.   

The goal of the Planning Commission is to draft an Ordinance to address these issues, and present it to the City Council for consideration. The goal of the Ordinance is to balances the interests of the residents who wish to sell their properties, the residents who wish to redevelop and/or remodel their homes and property, the residents who wish to remain in their neighborhoods, buyers who wish to relocate to Edina, and the broader interests of the entire city and its populace.

Planning Commission Consideration of Issues – April 10, 2013

View the calendar of Planning Commission meetings.

Memos to the Planning Commission  
Jan. 9, 2013 Memo

Download the memo to the Planning Commission outlining a history of zoning ordinance amendments.

April 10, 2013 Memo Download the memo to the Planning Commission detailing residential redevelopment issues identified by the the Commission's working group.



The Planning Commission has begun work to update Edina's zoning ordinance. The goals of the zoning ordinance revisions are to bring it into compliance with the Comprehensive Plan, make the City’s development process more clear, consider a Planned Unit Development District ordinance to allow flexibility from standard zoning in exchange for strengthened City control over development, resolve the procedural issue of the Zoning Board of Appeals taking final action on large development projects requiring variances, and add performance standards.

The Planning Commission is forming a committee of the whole to recommend changes to the zoning ordinance. When a meeting is indicated in this process chart, it is intended that it be a meeting of the committee, not a meeting of the Commission. During the process, which is outlined below, there will be opportunities for the public to participate and offer comments and suggestions. Meetings of the Zoning Ordinance Update Committee (ZOUC) are open to the public. Time will be reserved for public comment at the end of each meeting’s agenda. 



Meeting Topics
Wetland Setback Download information on the discussion of Wetland Setback.
Variance Process Review Download information on the discussion of the Variance Process Review.
Tree Preservation Download information on the discussion of tree preservation.
Download information on the discussion of the Traffic/Parking Review.
Sustainable Design Down