Southdale France Avenue Area Planning Process

What will the west side of France Avenue in the Southdale area look in the future? How will the greater Southdale area develop with our changing needs and market forces?

The City will kicked off a planning process for the greater Southdale area with a public meeting Thursday, March 26, at the Edina Senior Center, 5280 Grandview Square, to develop guiding principles for future development. Initial emphasis will be on future development on the west side of France Avenue.

The work group consists of two Planning Commissioners and four community members appointed by the City Council. Six volunteers were nominated and selected by the community at the kick-off meeting.

This meeting will initiate a process for a comprehensive review of planning policy in the Southdale area, and allow for a well-grounded and broad consideration of possible change without attention to any particular site.

At the end of the 60-day process, the work group will create guiding principles for development. The initial focus on the west side of France Avenue will help City officials make more informed decisions on properties being considered for change. Ultimately, the goal of the work group is to develop a tool that would guide a development process for the whole Southdale area, and demonstrate methods that might be used during the Comprehensive Plan update in 2018.

Edina has a history of innovative and creative projects in the Greater Southdale area, including Southdale Center, the first enclosed, climate-controlled shopping mall in the U.S., and the Centennial Lakes Park and Edinborough Park developments. These projects have since been replicated across the country and the world.

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