Grandview District Update

These summaries address activities and strategies to fulfill the community vision expressed in the Grandview District Development Framework.

Grandview Monthly Update - Oct. 2016

New Condominiums Proposed

Great Oaks Development is considering the construction of new condominiums on W. 49th Street. This site is on the northern edge of the Grandview District, north of Vernon Avenue and behind the Holiday Gas Station. The project would include market-rate and affordably-priced units, indoor parking and considerable green space.

This block is currently occupied by two older apartment buildings and three single-family homes. Portions of the block had previously been approved for townhouses but that project did not move forward.

Concept plans can be seen HERE. The developer is communicating with adjacent property owners and will likely resubmit revised plans to address concerns raised by neighbors, Planning Commissioners, and City Council members.

School Bus Garage Site

The Edina Housing and Redevelopment Authority met to discuss the potential purchase of the Edina Public School’s bus garage facility at 5220 Eden Avenue. The School District is in the process of building a new Transportation Facility and is anticipated to sell the old site to help fund the new construction. After discussing the pros and cons of acquiring the property for redevelopment purposes, the Edina HRA does not intend to make an offer to purchase the property at this time.

Grandview Green Concept Study

Consultants at Architectural Field Office began a study to investigate the potential costs and benefits of constructing an improved land bridge over a portion of Highway 100. Referred to as the “Grandview Green”, the land-bridge could re-unify the portions of Edina separated by Highway 100, create new green recreation space, and enable new development. Such “highway lids” have been successfully completed in Minnesota, Ohio, Texas, Virginia and Washington. MnDOT is currently studying the feasibility of this type of project along portions of I-94 in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. This recent article in the Star Tribune recently described this concept. The Grandview Green concept study should be completed in early 2017 and, if no fatal flaws are identified, will serve as the starting point for further discussions about this concept.

Urben Vision Symposium

Nationally- recognized engineer and city planner, Chuck Marohn visited Edina to provide an outside perspective and best-practice tips regarding city planning and redevelopment. Among the many activities, Mr. Marohn toured through the Grandview District and provided commentary about how this area could be improved to better meet the needs and expectations of Edina residents and local businesses. A video of the Grandview tour can be seen HERE.


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