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These summaries address activities and strategies to fulfill the community vision expressed in the Grandview District Development Framework.

Grandview Monthly Update - May/June 2016

District-Wide Transportation Study

Preliminary recommendations have been prepared for the District-wide transportation study. These recommendations are based on several months of research, data gathering and input from a variety of stakeholders in the community.

The recommendations are categorized based on the timeframe of potential implementation – short term, mid-term and long-term. They address all modes of transportation including cars, trucks, buses, pedestrians, bicyclists and transit commuters. The recommendations include analysis of three levels of potential development intensity. The low- and mid-levels of development can be accommodated by the recommended improvements. The highest intensity of development, however, would only be possible if this area were better served by dedicated transit service such as light rail or bus rapid transit (BRT).

This month, the recommendations were presented and discussed with the general public, Transportation Commission and City Council. Over the next few weeks, the recommendations will be tweaked to reflect the final round of suggestions. The final report is anticipated in July 2016.

Community Facility Study

This month, the feasibility study was completed for a potential community facility located on the City-owned property at 5146 Eden Ave. The study was commissioned by the Parks & Recreation Department to better understand the needs and costs associated with a new multi-generational facility that could serve future generations and potentially replace two aging facilities with space constraints.

Several types of community facilities were initially discussed and the focus was on a two-story, 70,000-square-foot building with public spaces designed for art center, active adults, community gathering and wellness programs. The estimated capital cost (including structured parking) is $43 million. The annual cost-recovery is estimated to be 70 percent - resulting in an annual operating deficit of approximately $660,000.

At this time, no decision has been made about the redevelopment of the vacant site. The City Council is anticipated to discuss the preferred direction later this year, after the District-wide transportation study is complete.



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