Alternative Urban Areawide Review (AUAR)

An Alternative Urban Areawide Review, or AUAR, is a type of environmental assessment to determine impacts on the environment over a specific geographic area that would be caused from future urban development.

The City of Edina, working with WSB & Associates, has prepared a Final Alternative Urban Areawide Review for the Gateway Study Area in conformance with Minnesota Rules 4410.3610.

The Gateway Study Area is approximately 135 acres, bounded by Minnesota Highway 100 to the west, France Avenue to the east, 76th Street to the west, Fred Richards Golf Course to the north and the Edina-Bloomington border to the south. The area currently contains a mixture of light industrial/warehouse, commercial, office and residential uses. There is a total of 1.9 million gross square feed of these uses in the existing condition.


View the AUAR for the Gateway Study below:

Final AUAR

Appendix A (large file)

Appendix B

Appendix C