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The following application is submitted to the City of Edina as a request to permit the use of loudspeaker(s) on the outside of a structure in accordance with Edina City Code Chapter 23, Article II, Div. 5, Sec. 23-129 and any amendments thereto.

The fee is $25.00.

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  • Note: The maximum allowed by Code shall be per MN Rules 7030.0040 Noise Standards
  • Applicant agrees to the following:

    1. That this loudspeaker permit is solely for use at the time requested above.

    2. That the use of a loudspeaker without a permit is a violation of Edina City Code Chapter 23, Article II, Div. 5, Sec. 23-129 as amended.

    3. The applicant will be responsible for supervising and controlling any persons operating amplifiers or loudspeaker equipment
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    I understand that some of the information provided on this form will be public data. Public data is available to anyone who makes a request for such information. My credit card number is not considered public data.

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