Traffic Control

Traffic Unit

The Edina Traffic Unit consists of four officers and a sergeant. Three officers work primarily during the morning and afternoon rush hours. These officers provide routine enforcement to improve vehicle and pedestrian safety in the community. Traffic officers also participate in City events such as Safety Camp, the July Fourth parade and educational activities throughout the year.  The Traffic Unit works a variety of locations throughout Edina enforcing all traffic laws including, but not limited to, speed limits, stop sign violators and distracted drivers. For Traffic and Parking questions, contact Sgt. Kevin Rofidal at 952-826-0483 or

DWI Officer

In 2015, Edina received a grant from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety to pay for a DWI (driving while intoxicated) Enforcement Officer. This officer works nights and weekends focusing on DWI Enforcement. In 2016, the DWI Officer made 151 DWI arrests.

Motor Unit

The Edina Police Department has two police motorcycles. In addition to responding to emergency calls, the motorcycles are used for special events, escorts, traffic enforcement and patrolling the park trail systems. The police department leases the motorcycles for $1 a year from St. Croix Harley Davidson. The Edina Crime Prevention Fund donated the police lights and equipment for the motorcycles.

Speed Trailer

The Edina Police Department has one portable speed trailer. This device uses radar to display the approaching vehicle’s speed on the large display.  The trailer is deployed daily (April-November) to complaint locations. If you would like to request the speed trailer be placed in a specific area, complete the online request form here. Please understand the Police Department receives a lot of requests for the speed trailer and cannot guarantee it will be placed at the requested location. Click here to request a speed trailer for your location.

Temporary No Parking Signs

The Edina Police Department will install temporary no parking signs if necessary to help with parking issues related to construction or events. The signs are posted if parking on both sides of the road creates a traffic hazard. Signs are typically posted on the opposite side of the road from the construction site or event. To request temporary no parking signs, complete the online request listed below. Once the police department receives the no parking signs request, an officer will determine if a posting is needed. Please allow up to one week for your request to be processed. Click here to request temporary no parking signs for an upcoming event or construction.

Bagging of No Parking Signs

The Police Department is unable to cover permanent no parking signs to allow for temporary parking. 

Night Parking Rules

City Code prohibits parking on the street Nov. 1 through March 31 between 1 and 6 a.m. See City Code for complete details.

Snow Parking

City Code prohibits parking on the street after a snowfall of at least 1.5 inches until the snow has been removed or plowed to the curbline. See City Code for complete details.

The City Code does not allow the Police Department to grant permission for persons to violate the City parking rules. Vehicles in violation of City Code are subject to citation and/or impoundment.

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