Traffic Control

The No. 1 complaint of Edina residents is traffic.

Traffic Control

I got a traffic ticket in Hennepin County. What do I do and how much will it cost?
Most information, including fines, is printed on the citation itself. If your violation is not listed, call the 4th District Court Office at 612-348-2040 or click here. Some tickets may be paid online.

How do I get the speed limit changed on my street?
Speed limits in Edina are established by state statute. For more information, contact Traffic Safety Coordinator Joseph Totten at 952-826-0349.

Can I get a copy of my driving record?
For driver’s license and record information, follow the instructions here.

There’s a tree that blocks the view at an intersection near my house. Can the City remove it?
Tim Hunter handles the Clear View concerns and will view the area first. If he finds a violation, a letter will be sent to the property owner we will work with them to correct the issue. The relevant City Ordinance is available online. He can be reached at 952-826-0494. 

The four officers and sergeant of the Traffic Unit address those complaints, provide routine enforcement and monitor vehicle and pedestrian safety in the community. Traffic officers also participate in City events such as Safety Camp, the 4th of July Parade and educational activities throughout the year. 

Each year officers of the Traffic Unit issue approximately 20,000 traffic citations. In addition, they partner with other law enforcement agencies in the Minnesota Safe and Sober Campaign, which includes “Click It or Ticket.” For more information about Safe and Sober, click here. Our current Safe and Sober effort is highlighted in our "Current Events" section.

An important part of traffic safety is driver awareness and one of the tools used to promote awareness is the radar trailer. The trailer is placed around town based on officer observation and citizen input. Please contact Sgt. Ryan Schultz at 952-833-9536 during business hours for information about the trailer or if you think your neighborhood would benefit from the trailer.

Sgt. Schultz reminds drivers of the “Move Over” law. “This Minnesota statute requires drivers to move at least one lane over from any stopped emergency vehicle," he said. "Just that simple action could save a life, and we will cite anyone we see in violation of that law. ” The statute, also known as the Ted Foss law, is available online.

Police Department

4801 W. 50th Street
Edina, MN 55424
General: 952-826-1610
Emergency: 911

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Move Over Law

Minnesota State Law requires that all drivers on multi-lane highways "move over" one lane, away from any emergency, road repair or government vehicle stopped along a roadway with its flashing lights activated. Learn more... 

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