Strategic Plan

The City of Edina is developing a comprehensive Park, Recreation and Trails Systems Strategic Master Plan to provide a clear vision for Edina’s park system and guide decision making regarding the development and redevelopment of parks, trails and recreational opportunities as well as the associated funding. The updated plan will encompass a 20-year period (2015-2035) and will include both short-term and long-term recommendations.

The purpose of the plan is to:

  • Establish clear and realistic goals, objectives, and implementation strategies that can guide Edina’s decision making for the next 10-15 years
  • Provide system-wide recommendations which incorporate any detailed studies completed to date as well as ongoing planning and design initiatives
  • Provide a strategy to preserve and maintain open space and significant natural resources in Edina
  • Evaluate current facilities and programs to determine if the recreation and leisure needs of Edina’s citizens are being adequately met
  • Identify and evaluate potential cooperative local community, non-profit, and private sector ventures that can aid in meeting recreation needs
  • Assist the community in establishing a vision for the future of their park and recreation system
  • Provide a user-friendly roadmap to guide the implementation of the community’s vision for a sustainable 21st century Parks and Recreation system

Click here to download the Community Needs Assessment Study (Large PDF)

Download the Final Park System Strategic Plan (Large PDF files):

For more information, contact Parks & Recreation Director Ann Kattreh at or 952-826-0430

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