Here's what we ask of You ...

  • Sign an agreement form that specifies a minimum commitment of two years.
  • Pick up your park a minimum of two times per year, preferably once in the spring and once in the summer. We encourage you to also consider a fall sweep.
  • Arrange your litter collection with Janet Canton at least 48 hours in advance. (Call 952-826-0435.)
  • Collect aluminum cans in separate bags for recycling.
  • Place filled trash bags at an agreed upon location within the park.
  • Promptly inform the Edina Park Maintenance Department of any safety hazards you observe.

You can make a real difference in Edina's parks. Participate as an individual, a family or as a group from your church or synagogue, community service organization, neighborhood association or any other affiliation.

Here's What the City Will Do ...

  • Provide a personalized Adopt-A-Park sign identifying the approved volunteer group or individual during the period of commitment.
  • Provide all necessary plastic bags, brooms, shovels and access to the park shelter buildings.
  • Pick up and properly dispose of filled bags of litter and aluminum cans.

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