Outdoor Ice Rinks

The City's 12 ice skating rinks are at Arden, Cornelia School, Countryside, Creek Valley, Highlands, Lewis, Normandale, Pamela, Strachauer, Todd, Walnut Ridge and Weber parks. All locations have warming houses, general skating rinks and hockey rinks.

Due to the warm temperatures the outdoor rinks are now closed for the season!

Rinks are reserved for youth hockey practices beginning at 6 p.m. during weekdays. Some rinks also have youth hockey games Saturdays and Sundays. Each rink will have a schedule posted. Outdoor skating is also available at Centennial Lakes Park.

Rinks close when temperature is -10 or lower or wind chill of -15 or lower.

For information on ice skating rink conditions, call the Parks & Recreation Department’s activity hotline at 952-826-0368. For all other questions, contact the City of Edina Parks & Recreation office at 952-826-0367.

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