Commercial Crimes

As a service to Edina businesses and consumers, the Police Department partakes in a Check Diversion Program and has information to share about theft, check and credit card fraud.

The Edina Police Department is taking part in a Check Diversion program to help the victims of fraudulent or worthless checks.

The program aims to gain restitution for victims, increase accountability of people who issue worthless checks, educate and assist Edina merchants and residents in reducing the number of worthless check causes, and reduce the costs to law enforcement associated with investigating and prosecuting worthless check cases.

If the check does not exceed $1,500 and is fewer than 120 days old from the date issued, call the Check Diversion Program at 1-651-385-4341. However, first-time users of the program can send checks that are up to two years old.

Download information about all NSF and account closed checks up to $1,500.

If the check is written for more than $1,500, fewer than 45 days old from the date of issued and a Minnesota Driver's License or Minnesota picture ID was used for identification, report the crime to the Edina Police Department directly if the crime occurred in Edina. The Notice and Demand process must be completed by the victim which is located in the Merchant Guide.

Download information about theft, checks (over $1,500) and credit card fraud and the merchant detention law.

For more information contact Sgt. Nate Mendel at 952-826-0467.

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