Bias Offense Response Plan

The Edina Human Rights and Relations Commission (HRRC) drafted the Bias Offense Response Plan (the Plan), proposed the Plan to the Edina City Council and the City Council adopted the Plan on May 5, 1997. The Edina City Council directed the HRRC to review the Plan at least once per year and provide recommended amendments as needed.


City Council approved Bias Offense Response Plan Sept. 7, 2016.


  • To establish a procedure for appropriate and timely local response to bias offenses thus showing strong community support for the victim and zero community tolerance for bias offenses that occur within the boundaries of the City of Edina;
  • To raise awareness of how the city is responding to the bias offense incident in the community;
  • To establish a Community Resources Network that can be activated as needed.

The Edina HRRC provides or coordinates support to victims of bias offenses and provides leadership in the community to prevent such offenses through education and collaborative community action against prejudice and bigotry.  However, it is not the role of the Edina HRRC to investigate bias offenses.


A bias offense is defined by Minnesota Statute Section 611A.79, Subd. 1, a copy of which is included in Appendix A.


The Edina HRRC will partner with citizens and organizations in the community in order to provide timely and meaningful support to victims of bias offenses.  Local community partners are identified in Appendix B, Community Resources Network.  


 1) Subject to the limitations in the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, Minn. Stat. Chapter 13, the Edina Police Department will notify the City Manager and the HRRC Chair upon receipt from the Edina Police Department or other law enforcement investigatory agency notice of a substantiated event or incident which may constitute a bias offense under Minnesota Statutes.
 2) If a complaint has been investigated by law enforcement and determined to be valid, then the Police Chief, City Manager, and HRRC Chair will meet to determine the appropriate level of response. The Edina City Manager will notify the Mayor and City Council as appropriate.
 3) Community response options include contacting appropriate members of the Community Resources Network to inform them of a bias offense and request their support and development of a response plan.
 4) If a complaint has been investigated and does not constitute a bias offense under Minnesota Statutes, the police will contact victims with a voluntary Data Practices Release Form. If the victim(s) does not return the release form, the HRRC Chair will make no contact. Upon receipt of a signed form from the victim(s) the HRRC Chair will promptly contact the victim(s) to offer support and determine if any further action or assistance is requested.  The Chair will inform the HRRC at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
 5) The City Manager or designee will maintain a record of bias offenses and incidents.

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