Studies & Reports

The Heritage Preservation Board is responsible to ensure that Edina will be a distinctive and recognizable community, committed to preservation of historic buildings and sites that provide physical links to the past and foster a sense of community identity. To that end, the following reports and studies have been commissioned by the board; prepared by Preservation Planning Consultant Robert C. Vogel; and financed in party by Federal Certified Local Government (CLG) grants:

The Illustrated Guidelines on Sustainability for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings, issued by the National Park Service Branch of Technical Preservation Services are part of the Secretary of the Interiors' Standards for Rehabilitation. These guidelines offer recommendations on how to make historic buildings more sustainable in a matter that will preserve their historic character. The City's preservation code Section 36, Article IX, as well as the Comprehensive Plan reference these standards; and the HPB relies on them for design review and compliance purposes. 


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