Homes in Edina must meet minimum standards for light, ventilation, heat, safety from fire, amount of space for human occupancy, and safe and sanitary maintenance.

For more information, or to report unsanitary housing conditions, please call the Health Department at 952-826-0370.

For information on state and community housing resources, refer to the following websites:

  • HOME Line
    A nonprofit Minnesota statewide tenant advocacy organization
  • Healthy Homes Maintenance Checklist
    Courtesy of the National Center for Healthy Housing
  • Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Resources 
    Live Smoke Free’ is a local nonprofit that assists multi-unit housing owners and managers with creating, enforcing, and promoting smoke-free policies for their property. Live Smoke Free also helps renters find solutions to secondhand smoke problems and identify smoke-free housing opportunities. 651-646-3005 or click the above link.

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