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Braemar Arena

Hornets Nest

Where the Hornets sharpen their stingers.

Braemar Arena is proud of the addition of the “Hornets Nest.” The entire facility is state of the art and truly reflects the Edina community. The Boys High School team moved in on Dec. 14, 2012 to prepare for the Holiday Classic tournament that was held at Braemar Arena. The Girls High School team moved in one week later, just in time to prepare for their Abra Holiday tournament that was also held at Braemar Arena. The new locker rooms alone were worth the 35-year wait!

Velocity Hockey Center opened on Monday, Feb. 4, 2013. Velocity is a state-of the-art off-ice training facility. The addition of Velocity will significantly impact the arena revenues during the off season. Staff and patrons are thrilled to develop a relationship with Velocity Hockey Center.

General Sports is putting on the finishing touches and plans to open the end of February, 2013. General Sports will also be a great addition to Braemar Arena!


In July 2012, the Edina City Council approved the construction of the “Hornets Nest” at Braemar Arena. The two-story expansion, initiated by a group of dedicated Edina Hornet hockey fans, will include new locker rooms and associated space for the Edina High School boys and girls hockey teams. The Hornets Nest will also include a General Sports retail store and Velocity dryland training facility.

Private donations are making the project possible. Approval of the $3 million project was contingent on the “Drive for the Hive” advocates raising more nearly $800,000 in private contributions. Edina Public Schools will cover expenses associated with operating the locker rooms and the Edina Hockey Association and Braemar-City of Lakes Figure Skating Club will pay a $20 annual surcharge for each of their participants for 20 years. Those sources, along with lease revenue for the training facility and retail area, are meant to cover the costs of the project.

The initial goal of the project was to give the storied Edina Hornet hockey teams home locker rooms comparable to those in neighboring communities. Existing locker rooms were decades old and had become tired, inefficient and unbecoming to high school teams. Hornet fans knew neither the school district nor the City would be able to pay for new locker rooms. In 2010, the group of fans introduced the concept of a public-private partnership that would not only cover the costs of the bonds to the City, but also provided a dryland training facility that will benefit the entire Edina skating community. A sporting goods retail space was also envisioned to serve the needs of baseball, hockey, figure skating, soccer, lacrosse and football players who frequently visit the Braemar Arena area.



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