Green Bike Lanes

Green shared lanes are similar to regular shared lanes, but have a solid green background. They are used on roadways that are too narrow for dedicated bike lanes and where traffic volumes indicate a need to increase the visibility of regular shared lane markings.

Green shared lanes do not indicate that any part of a roadway is exclusive to motorists or bicyclists. Motorists may drive on or over green shared lanes. Bicyclists are not required to ride in green shared lanes.

Green shared lanes can be found on Valley View Road between Wooddale Avenue and Oaklawn Avenue and at the intersection of West 70th Street and Metro Boulevard.

When you drive:

  • It is OK to drive on the green shared lane.
  • If a bicycle is in the green shared lane, move to the left to pass.
  • If there is oncoming traffic, hang back behind the bicyclist until it is safe to pass.
  • When passing, state law required motorists to leave at least three feet of distance between their vehicle and the bicyclist.

When you bike:

  • Watch for motorists driving in or merging into the green shared lane.
  • Always use caution and assume that turning or merging motor vehicles may not see you.
  • When leaving the green share bike lane, such as to make a left turn, look behind you and signal your intentions.

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