Potential Scenarios

Information about the potential new civic facility and the three potential scenarios for the former Public Works site are summarized below.

April 22, 2015 – Open House Materials

An Open House was held to display three potential scenarios that appear to be feasible for the site. The materials presented at the Open House can be downloaded here.

This is the third iteration of scenarios prepared in the preliminary planning for the site. Each version has been shaped by public suggestions and refined with professional expertise to test the parameters of possibilities. Each scenario contains a combination of public and private uses that are designed to be complementary and catalytic to inspire reinvestment in other properties when they are ready for reinvestment.

The scenarios illustrate a variety of possible land uses in a range of building sizes and density.

It should be noted that each of these scenarios are in the programmatic stage and have not been fully designed, priced or evaluated.

A more robust analysis will occur after the general direction has been selected and the fundamental components have been identified. The selected scenario will then be further refined and modified as needed so that the final proposal is of the scale and size to make a significant and positive impact on the Grandview District and Edina overall.

Information about the potential new civic facility and the three potential scenarios are summarized below.

Potential New Civic Facility - Edina Center for Arts and Community

The preliminary programming for a new civic facility envision as a 21st-century community center with strong connections to arts and culture. Three options have been prepared to illustrate a variety of desirable outcomes. Each option shares the goal of providing Edina with a state of-the-art community facility that serves a need not filled in the private marketplace. Each option is also flexible to meet the programming needs of today and tomorrow. In designing a new facility, it is not possible to satisfy every need simultaneously. These options, however, are responsive to requests to create a community gathering space that is accessible and welcoming to all ages.


Civic Option A

Civic Option B

Civic Option C


New Edina Arts Center


New Edina Center for Arts & Community

(with fixed seat auditorium)


New Edina Center for Arts & Community

(with multi-purpose / performance area)

Existing Facilities to be replaced or repurposed

Edina Arts Center

Edina Arts Center
Edina Senior Center

Edina Arts Center
Edina Senior Center

Potential Uses

Education, training production

Visual media (painting, pottery, glass, metals)

Public Galleries and event space

Same as Option A, plus:

History display/exhibit

Multi-generational flexible spaces (large, medium and small)

Oversized lobby for community events

Theater and full stage with 350 fixed seats (music, live theater, film, dance, lectures, large meetings)

Back of house areas

Same as Option B, except 350 fixed seat theater replaced with:

Largest community room designed as flexible, multipurpose space with up to 300 movable seats, full variety of performances and events, and supported by lobby and back-of-house support areas

Approximate Facility Size

23,680Sq. Ft.

60,007 Sq. Ft.

56,080 Sq. Ft.

Approximate Parking Demand

95 stalls

240 stalls

225 stalls

Approximate Construction Cost*

$9-13 million

$24-33 million

$22-31 million

Possible Revenue Sources

Long-term debt, sale/lease of land, and/or philanthropic support.

Long-term debt, sale/lease of land, and/or philanthropic support.

Long-term debt, sale/lease of land, and/or philanthropic support.

*Cost estimate is for building only and does not include the outdoor civic plaza and parking structure.


Scenario #1

Central Civic with North Residential Tower and South Office

Preliminary Occupied/Programmed Space Components

Civic Indoor Space Civic use is the central element of the site. Civic indoor space is sized to an approximate target of 24,000 sq. ft. to balance daytime parking and site use demand with office and retail uses.
Civic Outdoor Space Approximately 80,000 sq. ft. of civic outdoor space targeted including the woonerf (active street).
Office/Medical Office 40,000 sq. ft. targeted with future potential expansion. This option will require a minimum of 200 dedicated business hour parking spaces, clear wayfinding and drop-off functionality.
Retail/Commercial 5,000-8,000 sq. ft. targeted for first floor of residential tower (northeast corner of the site) with limited potential service/retail in office building on Eden Avenue frontage.
Residential Tower Approximately 140-150 units comprising 10-12 floors.
Residential Mid-rise or Hotel (alternative) N/A

Preliminary Parking Program

Public Parking For 24,000 sq. ft. of civic use, four spaces per 1,000 GSF for 96 parking space, plus 100 additional spaces for Park/Ride. Total number of public spaces: 196.
Private Parking For 40,000 sq. ft. of MOB use, five spaces per 1,000 GSF for 200 dedicated parking spaces. For 8,000 sq. ft. of retail/restaurant at six spaces per 1,000 GSF for 48 dedicated parking spaces. For a 140-unit residential tower with one and a half parking spaces per unit for 210 space