Former Public Works Site Redevelopment Planning

The former site of Edina's Public Works, 5146 Eden Ave., is located behind Jerry's Foods and north of Out Lady of Grace at the intersection of Eden and Arcadia avenues. This 3.3-acre site has been vacant since the new Public Works facility was constructed off Metro Boulevard in 2010. The site is owned by the City of Edina.

Redevelopment planning of the site is currently underway and is expected to culminate in May  2016 when multiple scenarios are proposed for consideration of the site.

The 2014-2015 planning effort followed a multi-year conversation about the type of development preferred for the Grandview commercial/industrial area that surrounds the side. Based on the Development Framework adopted for the area in 2012, a mixed-use building is envisioned for the site, including a combination of public and private uses. This strategy was selected instead of a sole public or sole private use on the site. It is anticipated that proceeds from the private development will help pay for a new public facility.

The Development Planning process culminated in concept presentations to City Council for their consideration.

The preferred site concept consists of several key elements: new all-ages community center, new shared street and outdoor public spaces, new apartments, new restaurant/café, new shared parking garage, and potential connections to future transit investment. The construction costs of the public improvements are estimated to be $31 million.

The City continues to explore the costs and opportunities associated with this new public facility. Additional information regarding: District-wide transportation improvements is anticipated to be completed in May 2016.

The City has completed a feasibility study of programming and capital costs for a new community center. Read the report below:

The City Council is anticipated to discuss and give final consideration to the preferred concept in May/June 2016.

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Partnership with Frauenshuh

The City of Edina has a strong history of successfully engaging in public/private partnerships to achieve community goals. Previous partnerships were created in 1985 when the City and Laukka-Jarvis Development built Edinborough Park, incorporating a 1-acre indoor public recreation area, swimming pool, walking track and fitness area attached to a 7-story "Class A" office building, more than 200 units of senior living and a hotel.

Similarly, the City formed a partnership with United Properties in 1988 to create the 24-acre Centennial Lakes Park. The park is partially surrounded by six "Class A" office buildings, a retail center and more than 200 townhouses and condominiums on the site of a former gravel pit.

While the former Public Works site is a much smaller property and more compact in scale, it, too, has the potential to deliver a dynamic blend of public and private uses that are catalytic to a Grandview revival. To achieve the community goals for the Grandview District, a similar public-private partnership is envisioned.

Following a Request for Interest in 2014, the City Council selected Frauenshuh Inc. to help develop a plan for the reuse of the vacant site.

The agreement between the City of Edina and Frauenshuh, Inc. came to an end in Oct. 2015 when both parties satisfied their obligations. Frauenshuh, Inc. was reimbursed for their out-of-pocket expenses related to the planning effort.


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