Exploration Phase

The City of Edina is exploring ideas to re-use the 3.3-acre former Public Works site at 5146 Eden Ave.

This project follows a multi-year conversation about the type of development preferred for the Grandview commercial/industrial area that surrounds the site. After two years of community meetings, the City Council adopted the Grandview Development Framework in 2012. The Framework envisions a mixed-use building on the former Public Works site that includes a combination of public and private uses. This strategy was selected instead of a sole public or sole private use on the site.

During the three-month "exploration phase," the design consultants will explore different possibilities for the site. The information yielded will then be assembled in the "discovery phase." The elements that fit well together will then be presented so that the community can consider a few different scenarios for mixed-use facilities on the site. The City Council is anticipated to select a preferred scenario in June 2015.

Recent Surveys and Studies (click to download)

Dec. 4, 2014 Large Group Session

Jan. 15, 2015 Edina High School Session

Schedule a Small Group Session

The City would like to hear from as many ideas and options for the site as possible! If you and your neighbors would like to participate, small-group exploration sessions can be scheduled. Sessions can be customized to be as brief as 15 minutes or up to an hour in length, depending on the time available. Daytime and evening hours are also available. Schedule an Exploration Session during January or February 2015 by contacting Heather Branigin at 952-826-0403 or hbranigin@EdinaMN.gov.

Leave your ideas and suggestions

A discussion is available on "Speak Up, Edina!" so that anyone interested can weigh in about this project. Visit www.SpeakUpEdina.org to submit your ideas and suggestions.

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