Construction Projects

Gleason Circle Reconstruction

The Engineering Department has initiated the process of roadway and utility improvements for this neighborhood as part of its street reconstruction program to upgrade aging infrastructure associated with pavement condition, storm water, sanitary sewer and water main. This project is proposed for 2013.


The Edina Transportation Commission reviewed the feasibility study at its Oct. 25 meeting and provided feedback. Staff completed and submitted the feasibility study to City Council on Nov. 20. Council will review the study at the public hearing at 6 p.m. Dec. 11 at City Hall to determine whether or not to authorize plans and specifications.


On Dec. 11, the City Council conducted a public hearing and authorized the creation of plans and specifications. The project will be bid and awarded to a contractor in February/March. Depending on weather, project construction could begin as soon as April or as late as June.


This project involves spot repairs to the sanitary sewer trunk pipe, upgrades to the water main and storm sewer systems, spot repairs to the concrete curb and gutter, and reconstruction of the asphalt pavement.


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