Fred Richards Park Master Plan Process

Fred Richards Park will be created from the former Fred Richards Golf Course, which closed in 2014. The 43-acre site, almost double the size of Centennial Lakes Park, is to become a multi-use park for a variety of activities year round. The City is in the process of planning uses and amenities for the future park.

The Latest Concept Plan

The Parks & Recreation Commission reviewed a revised concept plan at its July 11 meeting and voted to forward it to City Council for formal approval. 

The concept plan presentation, from consultant Confluence, outlines details for various areas of the planned park, including highlights of uses. 

A July 11 staff report discusses some of the changes from previous concept plans and reasons behind them.

If you missed the meeting, you can watch it on YouTube.

What's Next

The City Council is expected to review and approve a Master Plan for the park at its July 18 meeting.

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Where We Were:

Vision Process: In March of 2014 the City Council accepted the recommendation of staff and the Park Board to close the Fred Richards Golf Course at the end of the 2014 season. The Council requested staff hire a consultant to conduct a re-purpose study for the Fred Richards Golf Course. The result of this process was a Visioning Plan for the Fred Richards.

The visioning process was a critical first step to establishing the re-purpose plan for the Fred Richards Golf Course. The Vision is the desired destination; the Strategic Plan is how to get there.

Read the 2014 Fred Richards Re-Purpose Process here.

Strategic Plan: Following the Council presentation of the proposed vision for the future of Fred Richards Park, the Council asked the proposed vision be further developed. In October 2016, City Council approved the request to secure Confluence to provide the consulting services for the Fred Richards Park Strategic Plan.

Where We Are Now:

After extensive public input on what should be in the park and feedback on concept plans, a final concept plan emerged. The City Council is expected to approve that as the Fred Richards Park Master Plan in Summer 2017.

Where We Want To Go:

The construction and development of Fred Richards Park!

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Project Updates 

Project Contact

Ann Kattreh

Ann Kattreh
Parks & Recreation Director

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