Parking Permit

The City maintains three parking ramps on the Edina side of the 50th and France commercial area. Full- and part-time employees working on the Edina side of the commercial area may purchase parking permits to park in designated areas. Employees may not park in the ramps without a permit. Annual permits are valid the calendar year and expire Dec. 31.

  • Choose Pass Type: Select the type of parking permit you would like.
    2017 Regular Parking Permit ($10+tax per month)
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    Daily Parking Permits - 10 pack ($10 + tax)
  • Applicant and Vehicle Information: Please provide the following information. The red asterisk (*) indicates a required field.
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  • Second vehicles: As a courtesy, the City will issue, at no cost, a second permit for employees who may not drive the same vehicle every day. Employees must demonstrate ownership of both vehicles. Permits must remain with the registered vehicle and may not be transferred, sold or traded.
  • Mailing Information: Tell us where to mail your parking permit. The red asterisk (*) indicates a required field.
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  • THE MINNESOTA DATA PRACTICES ACT requires that we inform you of your rights about the private data we are requesting on this form. Private data is available to you, but not to the public. Under M.S. 13.37 Subd.1. (d) residence address, home telephone number, work hours, place of employment, work telephone number and location of parking space are nonpublic data. We are requesting this data to provide you with a parking permit. You may choose to not provide some or all of the requested data; however, this may cause your request to not be processed. Any information you provide will be made accessible to the following: persons or entities, employees, agents, city attorneys, and officials of the City who have a need to know about the information in the course of their duties or responsibilities. Your acceptance here indicates that you have read and understand these rights. Please be advised that your name, the make, model and color of your vehicle is consider public information and will be provided if requested