Move Over Law

Minnesota State Law requires that all drivers on multi-lane highways "move over" one lane, away from any emergency, road repair or government vehicle stopped along a roadway with its flashing lights activated.

Move Over Law

This law includes all ambulances, fire trucks, law enforcement vehicles, maintenance and construction vehicles.

The law was named in honor of State Patrol officer Ted Foss who was killed in 2000 when he was struck by an errant driver during a traffic stop on Interstate 90 in Winona County.

Motorists who cannot safely move over, as may be the case on single lane highways, should safely reduce their speed before passing. Failure to take these actions can result in a traffic ticket.

Law enforcement, emergency responders and road crews help keep our roads safe, and it is the responsibility of motorists to pay attention in order to keep them safe on the roadways.

Always keep one lane between your vehicle and a vehicle or crew on the side of the road.

For more information, contact the Edina Fire Department at 952-826-0330 or the Edina Police Department at 952-826-1610.

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