Fire Lanes

The Edina Fire Department is in the ongoing process of remarking and updating fire lanes around the City in an effort to reduce parking or stopping in these lanes.

Numerous fire lanes are located on both public and private property throughout the City. They are created and marked in accordance to the Minnesota State Fire Code in order to give emergency response vehicles access to fire hydrants or buildings in the event of an emergency. They are common in large parking lots and around schools, multi-unit housing, retail establishments and large commercial areas.

According to Edina Fire Chief Marty Scheerer, there is no way of knowing when and if firefighter/paramedics will need to gain access to any given location. If a vehicle is parked in a fire lane, even for just a few minutes, lack of access could cost responders valuable time in an emergency.”

The Edina Police Department will be stepping-up enforcement of fire lane violations now that many fire lanes have been updated and should be easily visible by drivers. Violators should be aware that they are subject to a minimum $24 citation and could face expensive towing charges.

A blocked fire lane is dangerous and potentially life-threatening. In a fire or medical emergency, every second counts -- and every extra second could save a life.

For more information call the Edina Fire Marshal at 952-826-0337.  

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