The Edina Engineering Services Division is the City's contract manager for the construction of municipal utilities and roads, associated with new developments and redevelopment of aging City infrastructure.

The Engineering Services Division is responsible for the planning, design, management and construction of the City's infrastructure, including streets, storm, sanitary, water and street lighting. This provides core transportation, sanitation and clean water services to residents and businesses.

Neighborhood Roadway and Utility Projects

All City streets that are not constructed to current standards, including concrete curb and gutters, will be subject to major rehabilitation at some time during the life of the street. Priority is given to streets or groupings of streets that have the highest need for repair. 

Engineering Services

The Engineering Services Division provides a variety of services to planners, builders, property owners, and utility customer by managing the shared public right of way, coordinating utility and street connections, managing and planning surface water resources and flood protection, reducing surface water pollution, and providing geographical maps and data.


Effective transportation planning is critically important for communities such as Edina. Residents must be provided with transportation facilities and services that meet mobility needs in an efficient and safe manner. Transportation facilities, at the same time, need to be planned and constructed so as to limit negative social, environmental and aesthetic impacts to the greatest degree feasible. In addition, residents who cannot or choose not to drive need to have transportation options to meet their daily needs. Staff work with the Transportation Commission on matters related to the operation of the local street system. 

Engineering Department

7450 Metro Blvd. 
Edina, MN 55439

Monday - Friday
7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

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