Energy Working Groups

The Edina Energy & Environment Commission's new working groups have been announced.

The City of Edina has a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) 30% by 2025, as part of chapter 10 of the City's Comprehensive Plan. In short, GHGs are a byproduct of various human activities and cause heat to be trapped in the earth's atmosphere - like a greenhouse traps heat- which contributes to global climate change, resulting in:

  • increasingly unpredictable and destructive weather,
  • rising sea levels, and
  • other impacts to our environment and communities.

The City of Edina is committed to doing its part to reduce GHGs.

How can you help?

The Edina's Energy & Environment Commission (EEC) has created working groups to help reach this goal! The Energy and Environment Commission invites Edina residents to join in.

The EEC is inviting Edina residents to join these Working Groups:

  • Business Energy Efficiency and Conservation
  • Residential Energy Efficiency and Conservation 
  • Education & Outreach
  • Recycling, Solid Waste & Organics Working Group
  • Water Quality 

Those interested in serving on a working group should email Letters of interest can also be sent to Energy/Environment Commission, Edina City Hall, 4801 W. 50th St., Edina, MN, 55424. Please indicate the topic(s) that are of greatest interest to you.

The new energy-related work groups will be implementing the Partners in Energy (PiE) Action Plan with the help of Xcel Energy.

Other Ways to Reduce GHG Emissions:

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