Electrical/HVAC Division

The Electrical/HVAC Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of over 400 street lights, City-owned traffic signal, and lighting fixtures for the more than 80 City facilities and the Electrical/HVAC needs at each of those facilities. They also manage and act as the first contact for each of the 2,500 Xcel Energy-owned street lights, 26 Hennepin County signals and 10 traffic signals owned by the State of Minnesota.

The Public Works Electrical/HVAC Division maintains and repairs Electrical/HVAC needs for:

  • 12 neighborhood street lighting systems and more than 400 City-owned street lights.
  • Hockey rink lighting and athletic field lighting,warming house lighting/electrical maintenance and heating and air conditioning at 25 park facilities.
  • Interior and exterior lighting, electrical maintenance, heating and A/C and a GEO thermal system at 63 City buildings, including Edina City Hall, Public Works & Park Maintenance Facility, two Fire Stations and three Edina  Liquor stores.
  • 13 City-owned traffic signals.
  • Lighting and electrical needs in three public parking ramps.

In addition, the division locates all electrical underground wires, such as service wires and those for street light and traffic signals.

If you have any concerns with street lights, please contact Electrical HVAC Supervisor Noah Silver at 952-826-0350.

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