Discovery Phase

Over the last few months, the design team has collected information about the site and reviewed hundreds of community ideas expressed for re-use of the site. Using their professional development and planning expertise as well as knowledge of market conditions, the design team prepared three preliminary scenarios to illustrate how a combination of public and private uses could be arranged on the property.

Please note that each of these scenarios are preliminary in nature. They are being shared in their early stages to provide the community an opportunity to provide additional input regarding this City-owned land. Full details of each concept have not been determined. Check back in April when these scenarios are refined further.

April 8, 2015 - Presentation to the Planning Commission

The design team also presented the revised scenarios to the Planning Commission to solicit their preliminary comments and suggestions on Wednesday, April 8, 2015. The presentation materials can be found here:

The video of the conversation is can be found here. The conversation begins at 4:15:00.

April 7, 2015 - Presentation to the City Council

The design team presented a Project Update to the City Council Tuesday, April 7, 2015. The staff report can be found here.

Revised scenarios were prepared based on public comments and suggestions received in the last month.

These scenarios are still highly preliminary in nature. They are shared in their draft form to insure that public comments can be considered as the design team refines the design scenarios. Key changes reflected in these updated scenarios include:

  • Size of civic building enlarged
  • Outdoor civic plazas enlarged
  • Multiple smaller civic plazas abandoned, replaced with two larger civic plazas
  • Civic building detached from private buildings to increase prominence and visibility
  • More civic building located above parking structure to reduce rooftop of parking lot
  • Townhouses abandoned
  • Parking structure enlarged to provide more shared parking stalls
  • Possibility of park-and-ride added to all scenarios
  • Pedestrian connection enhanced between existing public garage and new parking structure
  • Alternate location for residential tower shown on the south along Eden Ave

The presentation materials can be found here:

The video of the conversation can be found here. The conversation begins at 1:20:00.

March 11, 2015 - Discovery Session

Preliminary materials presented at the March 11, 2015 Discovery Session can be found here:

Planning for improvements in the Grandview District have been ongoing since 2010. The community-led planning efforts culminated in April 2012 when the City Council unanimously approved a Development Framework to incrementally guide redevelopment throughout the mixed-commercial area. Background materials can be found here:

The preliminary site planning scenarios each include: community/civic space, outdoor civic plaza, parking garage, new east-west street, multifamily housing, professional office/flex space, and retail/restaurant space. Each scenario shows different combinations, massing, and scale of public and private functions.

An overview of each preliminary scenario can be found here:

During the Exploration Phase, four themes emerged regarding the use of the community space. Information about each popular theme can be found here:

Additional information about civic uses is found here: 

During the Exploration Phase, a number of people expressed interest and concern with the environmental sustainability of any new development, the transportation infrastructure in the Grandview District and the economics of sale, lease or retention of the underlying City property.
Information about these topics is found here:

During the Exploration Phase, the design team reached out to over 120 community-based organizations in Edina and collected direct input from many community groups. The most popular themes and visions identified in this information-gathering phase can be found here:

A full overview of the Exploration Phase can be found here.

To provide input on these three preliminary scenarios, please visit

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