Residential Curb Cut/Driveway Entrance Information

To modify, relocate or reconstruct the portion of your driveway located within the City’s right-of-way, a permit is required. Permits can be applied for online or in person at Public Works, located at 7450 Metro Boulevard. This permit requirement insures that safety and design standards are met, public infrastructure is protected and disruption to travel is minimized.

Curb Cut/Driveway Entrance standards and guidelines are described in sections 24-129 through 24-133 of the Edina City Code. The summary of these standards are:

  • Concrete and bituminous roadways with curb and gutter require a concrete apron.
  • Edge of curb cut must be at least 50’ from an intersection.
  • The maximum residential driveway width is 30’; there is no minimum width.
  • There are no minimum distance requirements between residential driveways.
  • There are no setback requirements for residential driveways.
  • Multiple driveways are only allowed on lots with widths of 75’ or more, with approval from the City Engineer.
  • Curb cuts on collector streets are highly discouraged and require the approval of the City Engineer.
  • Property owner and contractor are responsible for repairing any damage caused to public infrastructure.
  • The City Engineer may adopt additional standards as to the design, materials and installation of driveways to be located on the right-of-way.

Additional guidance for design, restoration and construction requirements are provided through the following documents:
Standard Plate (400) Residential Driveway Aprons
Standard Plate (405) Residential Driveway Aprons with Walk
Standard Plate (500) Concrete Curb and Gutter
Construction Handout

For more information or to schedule an inspection please contact the Engineering Department, 952-826-0371.

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