Construction Projects

All City streets that are not constructed to current standards, including concrete curbs and gutters, will be subject to major rehabilitation at some time during the life of the street. Priority is given to streets or groups of streets that have the highest usage. 

Streets are prioritized based on the Pavement Condition Index (PCI), water main/service breaks, storm sewer/drainage and sanitary sewer deficiencies. Repairing streets with low PCI rating using standard maintenance procedures such as patching, crack-sealing and seal-coating, is very expensive and ineffective on a long-term basis. Reconstruction is usually the most cost-effective solution. Streets are grouped together in neighborhoods for major reconstruction and future maintenance measures to prolong the life of the pavement. See our Anticipated Local Bituminous Street Reconstruction map to see if your street is scheduled for reconstruction within the next five years. 

The Transportation Comprehensive Plan, Comprehensive Bicycle Transportation Plan and the Comprehensive Water Resource Management Plan are generally reviewed in conjunction with roadway reconstruction projects for potential implementation. 


Private Utility Projects

CenterPoint Energy is currently working on multiple utility projects in Edina. For an update on the construction going on in your neighborhood, visit CenterPoint Energy's construction zone projects page.

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