Comprehensive Plan

Communities evolve and the best ones have a long-term plan to light the way. In local government, the ultimate torch is the Comprehensive Plan, which guides development and redevelopment and addresses changes likely to occur due to various social and market forces.

The Comprehensive Plan is meant to provide Edina with an outline for future development. The Metropolitan Council requires every city in the seven-county metro area to have such a plan and State law requires that it be updated every 10 years. Edina’s Plan includes chapters on land use, transportation, wastewater, water supply, storm water management, housing and parks and recreation.

After dozens of public meetings, the update was sent to the Metropolitan Council for review in late 2008. In August 2009, they voted unanimously to approve Edina’s Comprehensive Plan. The City Council adopted it in early September.

The completed Comprehensive Plan will be managed by the City Council, which is required to consider its goals, policies and programs when reviewing and setting City ordinances and policies. 

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Chapter 3 Download Chapter 3 -- Community Profile
Chapter 4 Download Chapter 4 -- Land Use & Community Design
Chapter 5 Download Chapter 5 -- Housing
Chapter 6 Download Chapter 6 -- Heritage Preservation
Chapter 7 Download Chapter 7 -- Transportation Plan
Chapter 7 Download Chapter 7 -- Bike Plan
Chapter 7 Download Chapter 7 -- Travel Forecasting
Chapter 8 Download Chapter 8 -- Water Resources Management
Chapter 9 Download Chapter 9 -- Parks
Chapter 10 Download Chapter 10 -- Energy & Environment
Chapter 11 Download Chapter 11 -- Community Services & Facilities
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