Compost Buckets

To encourage residents to recycle their organics, the City of Edina is giving away free MaxAir Buckets, a tabletop compost bucket with compostable bags. They are available for pick-up at the Edina Police Department, 4801 W. 50th St.

Hennepin County has a goal to reduce the amount of organics that is thrown into the trash by 3 to 5 percent by 2030. Every resident who does his or her small part will help to achieve that goal.

MaxAir Buckets use BioBags to collect kitchen food scraps. The open-air design of the MaxAir Bucket, coupled with the compostable bag, allows moisture to escape. This dries food waste more quickly, which reduces the rate of bacterial build-up that causes odor. The Buckets also have a hinged top for easy disposal of organics. When full, the MaxAir Buckets should be emptied into an organics cart or a backyard compost bin. Residents should check with their refuse hauler for organic collection service and request a cart.

Instead of ending up in the landfills, taking up the space, recycled organics turns into compost, which is great for gardens.

Fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products, baked goods, eggs, pet food, coffee grounds, tea bags and houseplant trimmings can all be composted. 

The MaxAir Buckets were purchased through a Hennepin County grant.

Organics Recycling Guide

Acceptable compost:

All food

• Fruits and vegetables
• Meat, fish and bones
• Dairy products
• Eggs and egg shells
• Pasta, beans and rice
• Bread and cereal
• Nuts and shells

Certified compostable products

• Compostable paper and plastic cups, plates and bowls, utensils and containers

Look for the BPI or Cedar Grove logos or the term “compostable” on certified products.

Other compostable household items
• Coffee grounds and filters
• Hair nail clippings
• Cotton balls and swabs with paper stems
• Houseplants and flowers
• Tea bags
• Wooden items such as chopsticks, popsicle sticks and toothpicks

NOT acceptable compost:

• Animal and pet waste, litter or bedding
• Cleaning or baby wipes
• Diapers and sanitary products
• Dryer lint and dryer sheets
• Fast food wrappers
• Frozen food boxes
• Grease or oil
• Gum
• Microwave popcorn bags
• Products labeled “biodegradable”
• Recyclable items (cartons, glass, metal, paper, plastic)
• Styrofoam
• Yard waste

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