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Pottery and Clay Sculpture

Fall Registration begins August 4th for members and August 11 for non-members.

Pottery students should expect to pay additional fees for clay, firing fees, and special tools during the class session. Registration and studio fees cover the cost of instruction and maintenance of kilns, equipment, and the facility. We separate the fees to keep costs lower for individual students.

Decorative Tile
(Beginner to Intermediate)

Bradley Benn
-M, 6:30-9p, 8 wks - starts Sept. 22, ends Nov. 24* Register online.
$180 nm/ $162 m + $16 studio fee
Learn the basics of working with clay to make tile.  Demonstrations include reliefs, resists and plaster molds. Plan a project, or make border or accent tiles to personalize and combine with commercial tiles.  Materials for prototypes provided. 
*No class Oct. 13, Nov. 10.   Maximum 10

Explore Clay for Intermediates
Siiri Silpala Doan
3041-W, 10a-1p, 7 wks - starts Sept. 10, ends Oct. 22 (This Class is Full)
3042-W, 10a-1p, 7 wks - starts Oct. 29, ends Dec. 17* (This Class is Full)
$189 nm/$170 m + $14 studio fee
Explore a variety of techniques and ideas for making and embellishing pots, both hand-built and wheel-thrown.  Class may include alternative firing techniques based on student interest.  *No class Nov. 26.  Maximum 12

No-Sweat Wood Firing
Members Only

Zac Spates
3057 - Th, Oct. 30 Register online.
Interested in getting the effects of wood firing on your clay work but not interested in participating in the firing process?  This is the opportunity for you! Members registered for this class can bisque, and glaze up to 6, (9 x 9 x 6”) pieces at the Edina Art Center.  Glazed pots must be on the designated wood-fire cart by Thursday, October 30th.  The pots will be transported to and from the wood kiln firing at Zac’s studio.  We will contact you with more details about the glazed pieces once they are done! Registration in this class only provides open studio for glazing pottery for this wood firing.  Maximum 10 

Wood Firing Class

Zac Spates New Instructor!
3065- Th, 6-9p, 11wks - starts Sept. 18, ends Nov. 22 (This Class is Full)
5 weeks in classroom with instructor + 3 weeks open work time + 3 weeks wood kiln time
$216 nm/ $170 m + $22 studio fee
More than any other firing method, wood firing brings exciting & unpredictable results achieved through the burning of wood and subsequent ash that melts on the pots as flames shoot from the chimney.  This unpredictability is perhaps the best part about the wood-firing method!

Class participants will meet with the instructor approximately every other week at the Edina Art Center. When the instructor is not present the classroom will be reserved for the students. Students will bisque and glaze their work at the Art Center.  The final 3 classes the participants will car-pool to meet at Zac’s studio in Hudson, Wisconsin to load, fire and unload his multi-chamber wood kiln! Students will participate in the loading, firing and unloading features of this remarkable firing experience! The firing and stoking schedule will be discussed during class time. Maximum 12

Naked Raku Workshop

Pottery Staff
3078-Sat, 10a-3p, Oct. 25 Register online.
$66 nm/ $60 m
Keep your clothes on while learning the practice of naked raku!  In naked raku, participants will take a burnished piece of bisque fired pottery and put a slip over its surface. This slip is used as a barrier between the pot and the glaze so that they will separate from the pot after firing.  The fracturing action of the slip/glaze layer, as it shrinks in the firing, when penetrated by smoke leaves a soft crackle finish stained into the pot's surface which is striking!  All participants in this workshop are asked to bring 4 burnished, 6” x 4” bottle or vase forms bisque fired to cone 06. Participants bring lunch for the day.  Maximum 10

Pottery for Beginner to Intermediate
(Ages 15 to Adult)

Vanessa Greene
Sa, 12:30-3:30p, 7 wks, starts Sept. 13, ends Oct. 25 Register online
$189 nm / $170 m + $14 studio fee
1101-Sa, 12:30-3:30p, 6 wks,starts Nov. 1, ends Dec. 13* Register online
$162 nm / $146 m + $12 studio fee
This class will focus on developing and improving the basic skills of wheel throwing. Beginners will learn to center, make a cylinder, bowl and some simple hand built forms. More advanced students will work on new forms to improve their techniques.  *No Class Nov. 29. Maximum 10

Beginning and Intermediate Pottery
Bradley Benn
3080-Th, 9:30a-12:30p, 7 wks, starts Sept. 11, ends Oct. 23(This class is Full) 
3081-Th, 9:30a-12:30p, 7 wks, starts Oct. 30, ends Dec. 18*(This Class is Full)
$189 nm/ $170 m + $14 studio fee
This class covers wheel throwing and trimming; hand-building with molds, slabs, extrusions, and coils. Traditional gas-fired glazing and other decorative techniques will be covered. Continuing students will learn to work larger and try new forms.  *No class Nov. 27. Maximum 12

Refining Your Skills
For Intermediates

Vanessa Greene
-M, 9:30a-12:30p, 8 wks, starts Sept. 8, ends Nov. 3*  Register online.
$216 nm/ $194 m + $16 studio fee
Do you struggle to make a lighter pot, a lid that really fits, throwing a larger bowl, taller cylinder or a new form? Are you frustrated with your glaze results?  This wheel throwing class will focus on improving and refining your skills, by paying greater attention to the details that make a pot successful and encourage you to try new forms, new glazing techniques, firing in different kilns. There will be personal attention based on the students’ individual needs, critiques, discussions, and class projects to help you move past your plateau. *No class Oct. 13.  Maximum 12

Refining Your Skills: Glazing
Advanced Beginner to Intermediate

Vanessa Greene
M, 9:30a-12:30p, 5 wks, starts Nov. 17, ends Dec. 15 Register online.
$135 nm/ $121 m + $10 studio fee
This class will focus on improving your glazing skills.  We will explore a variety of application techniques such as dipping, pouring, glaze butting, layering and how to use the spray booth.  We will look at different effects that can be achieved in different kilns.  Bring cone 10 bisque ware from previous EAC classes to glaze.  Maximum 12 

Clay Studio
For Intermediates

Matthew Quinn
-Th, 6:30-9:30p, 7 wks, starts Sept. 11, ends Oct. 23 Register online.
3111-Th, 6:30-9:30p, 7 wks, starts Oct. 30, ends Dec. 18* Register online.
$189 nm/ $170 m + $14 studio fee
Students will expand their technical abilities through class demos, discussion and critiques.  A wide spectrum of building, surface treatment, and firing techniques for clay work ranging from the functional to the sculptural will be taught. *No class Nov. 27.  Maximum 12

Learn to Make Cone 6 Glazes

Intermediate to Advanced
Ernst Schorrig
-Mon,6:30-8:30p, 4 wks, starts Sep. 8, ends Sep. 29 Register online.
72 nm/65 m + $16 supply fee for glaze materials
Learn from glaze specialist, Ernst, the properties of making cone 6 glazes! Each student will be provided a cone 6 formulary along with creating a unique glaze of their own design. Class will include discussion and supervised glaze mixing, along with time to make clay test tiles. N-95 respirators will be provided. Students will need to purchase clay and pay firing fees for this class. Registration in this class does not include wet clay open studio time.Maximum 10

Friday Evening Pottery
For Beginners and Intermediates

Grace Pass
-F, 6:30-9:30p, 6 wks - starts Sept. 12, ends Oct. 17 Register online.
3121-F, 6:30-9:30p, 6 wks - starts Oct. 24, ends Dec. 12* (This Class is Full)
$162 nm/ $146 m + $12 studio fee 
Join this casual Friday night class to learn the fundamental skills of working with clay.  The basics of wheel-throwing, hand-building, and glazing will be covered.  Individual attention will be provided to students based on their skill level.  Please bring a check or about $25 cash to the first meeting for tools and clay. 
*No class Oct. 31, Nov. 28.  Maximum 12

Pottery For Beginners to Intermediates
Harriet Campe
-F, 9:30a-12:30p, 7 wks, starts Sept. 12, ends Oct. 24  Register online. 
$189 nm/ $170 m + $14 studio fee
3141-F, 9:30a-12:30p, 6 wks, starts Oct.  31, ends Dec. 12* Register online.
$162 nm/ $146 m + $12 studio fee
Beginning students will learn the fundamentals of clay prep, hand building, wheel throwing and glazing.  Intermediate students will work on refining their skills and work on more complex forms.  Integrate form and function, as well as decoration.  In addition, an introduction to historical and cultural traditions and Asian brushwork will be taught.  *No class Nov. 28.
Maximum 12

Ceramic Sculpture For All Skill Levels
Krissy Catt
-F, 9:30a-12:30p, 6 wks, starts Sept. 12, ends Oct. 24* Register online.
$162 nm/ $146 m + $12 studio fee
3161-F, 9:30a-12:30p, 7 wks, starts Oct. 31, ends Dec. 19** Register online.
$189nm/ $170 m + $14 studio fee
In this “off the wheel class” we will focus on ceramic sculpture, human or animal, realistic or abstract.  Individual attention will be given to allow students to pursue their own direction.  Come with project ideas and we will work together to reach your goals.  *No class Oct. 10.  **No class Nov. 28. Maximum 10

Wheel Throwing Boot Camp
Genevieve Chamberland
3175- M, 9:30a-12:30p, 6 wks, starts Sept. 15, ends Oct. 27*
3176- M, 9:30a-12:30p, 6 wks, starts Nov. 3, ends Dec. 15** Register online.
$162 nm/ $146 m + $12 studio fee
The students in this class will bring their throwing skills to the next level.  With a series of rigorous exercises, they will become familiar with clay behavior on the wheel and solve some “centering” and “rising of the wall” difficulty to become more consistent in their technique.  Understanding “collapsing” and “wobbly lip” issues will be addressed.  Students will be asked to dissociate themselves from a “finished project” as they experiment fully at each class.  The class is designed for students with wheel-throwing experience. Students will purchase clay for use in this class.  *No class Oct. 13. 
**No class Nov. 10.  Maximum 10

Advanced Soda-fired Pottery
Sandra Shaughnessy
3200-Tu, 6:30-9:30p, 7 wks - starts Sept. 9, ends Oct. 21 Register online.
3201-Tu, 6:30-9:30p, 7 wks - starts Nov. 4, ends Dec. 16 Register online. 
$189 nm/ $170 m + $14 studio fee
This hands-on class will focus on creating, preparing, and firing work in our soda kiln.  Advanced students will work on and off the wheel on thrown, altered and hand built forms.  Emphasis will be on creating pottery forms and their relationship to the soda firing atmosphere.  We’ll learn the theory and practice of kiln loading, firing, and glazing for the soda kiln.  Maximum 12

Pottery and Sculpture For All Skill Levels
Adama Sow
3220-M, 6:30-9:30p, 6 wks, starts Sept. 8, ends Oct. 20* Register online.
$162 nm/ $146 m + $12 studio fee
3221-M, 6:30-9:30p, 7 wks, starts Oct. 27, ends Dec. 15** Register online.
$189 nm/ $170 m + $14 studio fee
Demonstrations will cover hand-building and basic wheel-throwing techniques as well as more advanced concepts upon request. Students work at their own pace with both individualized and group instruction.  No clay experience necessary.  All skill levels welcome.   *No class Oct. 13.  **No class Nov. 10.  Maximum 12

Romancing Porcelain

Marion Angelica
3243- Tu, 10a-1p, 8 wks - starts Sept. 9, ends Oct. 28
$216 nm/ 194 m + $16 studio fee
3244- Tu, 10a-1p, 7 wks - starts Nov. 4, ends Dec. 16 Register online.
$189 nm/ $170 m + $14 studio fee
Fear Porcelain? Conquer your fears!  Learn to romance porcelain into doing your bidding.  Learn how to make a variety of functional pieces in porcelain hand-building with soft slabs.  Get special tips on how to handle this lovely yet challenging material.  The course will include pattern-making and design concepts.  Try your hand at unique bowls, drinking vessels, platters and pouring vessels…all made of luscious porcelain.  Maximum 12

Wednesday Pottery
For Beginners and Intermediates   

Grace Pass
3260-W, 6:30-9:30p, 6 wks, starts Sept. 10, ends Oct. 15 (This Class is Full)
3261-W, 6:30-9:30p, 6 wks, starts Oct. 22, ends Dec. 10* (This Class is Full)
$162 nm/ $146 m + $12 studio fee 
Join this enjoyable Wednesday night class to learn the fundamental skills of working with clay.  The basics of wheel-throwing, hand-building, and glazing will be covered.  Individual attention will be provided to students based on their skill level.  Appropriate for new and continuing students. Please bring a check or about $25 cash to the first meeting for tools and clay. 
*No class Oct. 29, Nov. 26.  Maximum 12

Pit Firing Workshop

Sumi Von Dassow
3400: Saturday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and Sunday, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m., Oct. 4 and 5  Register online.
Cost: $133 nm/$119 m
Sumi Von Dassow is an award-winning ceramic artist living in Golden, CO. Her love of color and form is expressed in her unique body of unglazed burnished work. She teaches pottery at the Lakewood Washington Heights Center for the Traditional Arts. Sumi is a columnist and frequent contributor to Pottery Making Illustrated Magazine, and was editor for the books "Barrel, Pit and Saggar Firing" and "Electric Kiln Pottery."  She is the author of the book "Low-firing and Burnishing" and she produced a DVD called "Pit firing and Burnishing."

According to Sumi, ”pit firing is collaboration between the potter and the elements of earth, air, and fire. Pots go into the pit plain white and emerge covered with wild color including yellow, orange, pink, red, and a rich black. All these colors come from materials put into the pit with the pots!”

The day will begin with preparing the pots for firing.  Participants will discuss what effects to expect from the various materials, both that which is applied directly to the pots and those that are put into the pit along with the pots. Then the pit will be loaded with pots, colorants, various materials for creating color, and fuel including wood and wood shavings. After the pit is lit, it will be covered and left to burn and smolder for 24 hours.  After a potluck lunch Saturday afternoon, while the pit smolders, Sumi will demonstrate throwing a variety of forms for cooking and serving food; forms she developed in the process of working on her soon-to-be-published book "In the Potter's Kitchen".

Attendees will pit fire six moderate-sized pots each. The pit will be loaded Saturday morning, fired Saturday afternoon and unloaded Sunday around lunch time.  Participants need to bring up to six bisque pots with terra sigillata to the event. For best results, use a smooth, light-colored cone 5-6 stoneware body. Raku, stoneware and porcelanious clays may also be used.

If possible, the pots should be coated with terra sigillata and bisque-fired to cone 010.  Pots without terra sigillata may be burnished if desired. Participants may bisque up to 6 pieces and use the terra sigillata at Edina Art Center in preparation for this workshop. Please have pots available for bisque 2 weeks prior to workshop.   Minimum 10, Maximum 20


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