Work on Progress

Along with the familiar red ribbons, look for the phrase “Works in Progress,” debuting during Minnesota Chemical Health Week. “Works in Progress” will be seen throughout the community as a fun reminder about the development of healthy kids and especially healthy brains.

Why do we feel so strongly feel about this? Recent research on adolescent brain development has called attention to the profound effects of chemical use on the teen brain. Healthy brain development involves proper physical care. Brain development also thrives in a community that enhances the social development of an individual. Ultimately, one affects the other.

We encourage you to make healthy choices, care for each other, and keep in mind the two campaigns: “Tie One On For Safety” and “Works In Progress.” Tie your red ribbons on car antennae, on backpacks, purses -- show your commitment to healthy families and healthy lifestyles any way you can.

For more information on Chemical Health Week, contact Chemical Health Coordinator Kathy Iverson by calling 952-929-7627 or via email. For more information on healthy brain development, visit the following websites:

National Institute of Mental Health

National Institute on Drug Abuse

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