Chemical Health

The mission of Edina Chemical Health Partners is to reduce alcohol abuse in Edina by promoting collaborations within the community.

Edina Chemical Health Partners meet the third Thursday of each month at 8 a.m. at Davanni's restaurant, 5124 Gus Young Lane in Edina. The public is welcome to attend. Members currently attending include: City of Edina administration, the Edina Human Relations Commission,  Edina Public Schools administration, Edina Police, representatives from the Edina Rotary and the Edina Morningside Rotary Clubs, Edina Parent Communication Network, Fairview Southdale Hospital and concerned citizens.
Some of our activities include:
  • Distribution of Red Ribbons throughout the community for Minnesota Chemical Health Week.
  • The Green Key Inn featuring delicious punch recipes (free!) and drinks for purchase at the Edina Art Fair. The Green Key Inn also promotes the concept of being a responsible host when entertaining. We also do demonstrations of the punch recipes in the local Byerly's store during the holiday season.
  • Distribution of parenting information, especially concerning tobacco, alcohol and drug prevention.
  • Collaborative efforts with the Edina schools on an IMPROV Troupe and a Leadership Program.
  • Monthly column in the Edina Sun-Current newspaper.
  • Collaboration with the spiritual community.
We are an exciting organization working towards the better health of all citizens. Please feel free to join us!
For more information, contact Chemical Health Program Coordinator Kathy Iverson at 952-929-7627.


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