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The City of Edina has 101 volunteers serving on 10 advisory Boards and Commissions.


Arts & Culture Commission

Along with the Edina Art Center staff, this working Commission strives to build a vibrant community through support of arts and culture in Edina, and guides and supports general development of artistic initiatives in the City of Edina, including the Edina Art Center. The Commission provides recommendations to the City Council concerning collaboration, communication, facilities, activities and programs in art and cultural activities.

Board of Appeal & Equalization

The purpose of this Board is to provide a fair and objective forum for property owners to appeal their property valuation or classification. The Board has the authority to decrease, sustain or increase the market value of a property.

Community Health Commission

The group serves as an advisory commission to the Edina City Council (Board of Health) and shares their findings and conclusions related to the needs of the City's environment and community members' health.

Construction Board of Appeals

This board is an on-call advisory Board to the Council. The Board considers appeals of decisions made by the Chief Building Official, Public Health Sanitarian or the Fire Prevention Bureau in the application of City ordinances regulating building construction. The Board is made up of five members and the Chief Building Official, plus an alternate. Each volunteer serves a three-year term.

Energy & Environment Commission

The Commission advises the City Council on energy conservation, waste reduction and environmental and conservation efforts. 

Human Rights & Relations Commission

The Commission works on human rights-related issues throughout the year in its mission to create a more equitable community for all who live, work and study in Edina. The Commission annually holds a number of events that celebrated the goal of equity and human rights in both the City of Edina and the state of Minnesota. This includes holding an annual community event titled "Days of Remembrance," in conjunction with the state’s Genocide awareness and prevention month.

Heritage Preservation Commission

The Commission safeguards the significant heritage properties of the City by identifying and nominating them for designation by the City Council as Edina Heritage Landmarks. In addition, the Commission is responsible for developing and maintaining a comprehensive preservation plan; reviewing applications for City permits in relation to properties designated as Edina Heritage Landmarks; and encouraging the preservation, rehabilitation, restoration and reconstruction of significant heritage properties through public education.

Click here to view the 2017 Heritage Preservation Commission meeting schedule. The schedule includes the deadline for Certificate of Appropriateness submittals.

Parks & Recreation Commission

The commission participates in park planning, reviews operations or parks and facilities. The commission will also advise the City Council on policies, parks, programming and facilities. 

Planning Commission

City Council relies on the Planning Commission as an advisory body that holds hearings, gathers input and provides the Council with expert “planning” advice to help the Council make final decisions on land issues.

The Planning Commission meets the second and fourth Wednesday of the month. The Council meets the first and third Tuesdays of every month. Deadline date for Planning Commission Agenda: at minimum, 31 days prior to the Commission meeting. Please contact the Planning Division at 952-826-0369 if you have any questions about meeting dates. Resources for Property Owners

Transportation Commission

The Transportation Commission was established to help guide the City in implementing its vision for an integrated, multi-modal local transportation system as stated in the City's Comprehensive Plan. The Commission advises the City Council on the operation of the local transportation system (all modes, users and abilities); develops strategies and recommendations to implement the City's multi-modal transportation vision; and reviews and comments on transportation capital investment projects, traffic complaint data and transportation funding.

Adult Board and Commission Seats:

  • Application: Opens by Jan. 1
  • Interviews: January and February
  • Appointments selected: February
  • New member oreintation: February and March
  • New terms begin: March 1
  • Time commitment: 6-8 hours per month. Some months could require more time for large projects.

Student Board and Commission Seats:

  • Application: Opens by May 1
  • Application: Closes May 31
  • Interviews: June
  • Appointments selected: July
  • New member orientation: August
  • New terms begin: Sept. 1
  • Time commitment: 6-8 hours per month. Some months could require more time for large projects.

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