Construction Projects

Birchcrest B Neighborhood Roadway Reconstruction

History of the Project

The Engineering Department has initiated the process of roadway and utility improvements for this neighborhood as part of its street reconstruction program to upgrade aging infrastructure associated with pavement condition, storm water, sanitary sewer and water main. This project is proposed for 2014.

During 2013, staff will continue to evaluate the infrastructure to determine the extent of the reconstruction project. Please watch for a newsletter next spring / summer with more details about the project and a questionnaire for residents to provide input on the project.

This project may include repairs to the sanitary sewer trunk pipe, upgrades to the water main and storm sewer systems, spot repairs or entire concrete curb and gutter replacement, and reconstruction of the asphalt pavement.

This project was approved by the City Council on Dec. 10, 2013 with modifications to staff recommendations. A sidewalk will be installed along the west side of Normandale Road from Benton Avenue to Clover Ridge. No sidewalk will be constructed along Valley View Road.

Staff will provide contractors two bidding options for the concrete streets: remove and replace with bituminous pavement, and repair the concrete streets. A recommendation will be made to Council based on the results of the alternate bids.

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