Biking in Edina

Edina is working hard to provide opportunities for active transportation options throughout the City!

Edina’s growing network of bikeways allow those who live, work and play in the City to choose bicycling as a viable and healthy mode of transportation.

Understanding Bicycle Facilities in Edina
Over the past three years, Edina has more than tripled its miles of bicycle facilities. This is due in part to several initiatives that the City Council approved to help Edina become a more multi-modal city while improving the safety and health of its residents and visitors. Active Routes to School, Living Streets and the Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety (PACS) Fund all call for providing and promoting a wider array of transportation choices in the City.

Whether you are driving a car or riding a bike, it is important that all road users know what the pavement markings and signage mean. Check out our guide for motorists and bicyclists to understand bicycle facilities in Edina.

Learn and Follow State and Local Bicycling Laws
Minnesota bicycling law gives bicyclists most of the same rights and responsibilities as drivers. This means that you have the freedom to ride on all streets, except on those which prohibit biking (such as Highways 100 and 62).

Tips for Sharing the Road

When you Bike and Drive:

  • Know what your responsibilities are when biking or driving. See Minnesota bicycling law to learn about the rules of the road.
  • Reducing distractions and being aware of your surroundings improves safety. Watch to make sure that other cyclists or drivers are noticing your movements.
  • All traffic signals and stop signs must be followed. Disregarding them can lead to crashes. We can all improve and prevent accidents.
  • Check both directions before pulling into traffic – even if it is a one-way street.

When you Drive:

  • Be alert to cyclists riding in the travel lane.
  • Bicyclists need to have the entire width of a lane when there’s not enough room for a vehicle and a bike to travel side-by-side.
  • Drivers must give a bicyclist a three-foot or more clearance when passing – be patient – it may only take a few seconds and then you can pass.
  • Drivers should always be cautious when making left or right turns – always check for oncoming or rear-approaching bicyclists and give them the right-of-way when required.

When You Bike:

  • Ride with the flow of traffic, unless a bike lane allows travel in the opposite direction.
  • Use the full lane when preparing for a left turn or when conditions make it unsafe to ride to the right of motor vehicles proceeding in the same direction.
  • Avoid passing motorists on the right when at or approaching an intersection. Be mindful of right-turning vehicles.
  • Do not ride too close to parked vehicles to avoid colliding with opening doors.
  • Use hand signals to indicate turns and when switching lanes.
  • Helmets make for safer travel – so does headlights, taillights and reflective light-colored clothing at night.

For more information, please call the Edina Engineering Department, 952-826-0371.

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Engineering Department

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Read the final report for the evaluation of experimental pavement markings on West 54th Street, Wooddale Avenue, and Valley View Road.